Floral Pillows Plaid Pillows Petite Print & Motto
Small French Print Pillows and Motto Pillows
These charming small prints were originally brought to France from India during the 17th century. Finished products are samples only. Contact stores for stitching services and fabrication. Click on picture for more info, enlargement and finished models. Click here for a list of our stores.

PL-513 La Petite Fleur
Border Pillow Rouge

PL-514 La Petite Fleur
Border Pillow Bleu

PL-515 La Petite Fleur
Border Pillow Jaune

PL-618 La Petite Fleur
Border Pillow Black

PL-516 La Petite Fleur
Pillow Rouge

PL-517 La Petite Fleur
Pillow Bleu

PL-518 La Petite Fleur
Pillow Jaune

PL-525 Arles Fleur
Border Pillow Vert

PL-527 Arles Fleur
Border Pillow Rouge

PL-524 Arles Fleur
Pillow Vert

PL-526 Arles Fleur
Pillow Rouge

PL-511 Indienne Border
Pillow Jaune/Bleu

PL-512 Indienne Border
Pillow White/Bleu

PL-610 Indienne Border
Pillow Bleu/White/Red

PL-810 Indienne Border
Pillow Bleu/White/Chocolate

PL-519 Patchwork
Pillow Multi

PL-520 Patchwork Insert
Bleu Center

PL-521 Patchwork Insert
Rouge Center

PL-522 Diagonal
Patchwork Inset Multi

PL-706 Leopard
Print Pillow

PL-707 French Multi
Pattern Pillow

MP-501 Motto Pillow
You'll Always Be

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