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All shoes can be ordered through our stores. They have canvases, stitching services and fabricators. Finished shoes are samples only. Shoe canvases are 18 mesh. Contact stores for stitching services and shoe fabricators. Click here for a list of our stores.

BR-601s La Petite Fleur - Rouge

BR-602s La Petite Fleur - Bleu

BR-603s La Petite Fleur - Jaune

BR-604s Arles Fleur - Rouge

BR-605s Arles Fleur - Vert

BR-627s Arles Fleur - Jaune

BR-606s Rose Border - White

BR-607s Rose Border - Black

BR-608s Rose Border - Jaune

BR-609s Rose Border - Vert

BR-610s Rose Lattice - White

BR-611s Rose Lattice - Black

BR-612s Rosebud - White

BR-613s Rosebud - Jaune

BR-614s Rosebud - Bleu

BR-615s Rosebud - Vert

BR-616s Rosebud - Black

BR-617s Rosebud - Light Blue

BR-618s Plaid - Red, Blue, Green

BR-619s Plaid - Red, Green, Purple

BR-620s Plaid - Red, Purple, White, Black

BR-621s Burberry Inspired - Camel

BR-622s Burberry Inspired - Pink

BR-623s Burberry Inspired - Light Blue

BR-624s Plaid - Red

BR-625s Leopard Print

BR-626s Zebra Print

BR-628s Narrow Leopard

BR- 629s Narrow Zebra

BR-830s Signal Flag

BR- 102s Pucci

BRs- 901 Pucci

BR- 103s Royal Stewart

BRs- 101 Lilly


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