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We have designed the first interchangeable needlepoint watchbands. We sell these in kits, complete with the watch face, backing, buckle and instructions. After that, you may purchase single bands and buckle kits on which you put your watch face. We have over 70 bands and 35 watch faces to choose from to make up the kits. Professional finishing is recommended. All Watch kits are 18 mesh. Click here for a list of our stores.

WB-501 La Petite Fleur - Bleu

WB-502 La Petite Fleur - Jaune

WB-503 La Petite Fleur - Rouge

WB-504 Indienne - Jaune/Bleu

WB-505 Indienne - Black/Red

WB-506 Arles Fleur - Rouge

WB-507 Arles Fleur - Jaune

WB-508 Arles Fleur - Bleu

WB-509 Arles Fleur - Vert

WB-510 Checkerboard - Black/White

WB-511 Hearts & Stripes - Black/White/Red

WB-512 Leopard Print

WB-513 Zebra Print

WB-514 Burberry Inspired - Rouge

WB-515 Signal Flags

WB-516 Racing Flags

WB-517 Breast Cancer Ribbon

WB-518 Christmas Tree

WB-519 Candy Corn

WB-520 Pumpkin

WB-521 Martini

WB-522 Golf

WB-523 Football

WB-524 Card Suite - Green

WB-525 Card Suite - White

WB-526 Ladybug - Red/Black

WB-527 Lattice - Black/Silver

WB-528 Watermelon - Pink/Green

WB-529 Plaid - Red

WB-610 Burberry Inspired - Pink

WB-611 Burberry Inspired - Bleu

WB-612 Plaid - Red/Green/Blue

WB-613 Plaid - Red/Black/Wt/Pruple

WB-614 Plaid - Red/Purple/Black

WB-615 Blank Watchband Comes with Greek Alphabet

WB-616 Gingham - Rouge

WB-617 Gingham - Bleu

WB-618 Gingham - Pink

WB-619 La Petite Fleur - Black

WB-720 Pere Noel - Green

WB-721 Christmas Lights

WB-722 Large Scale Leopard Print

WB-723 Pere Noel - Black

WB-724 Rosebud - Black Grd.

WB-725 Rosebud - Blue Grd.

WB-726 Pucci Print - Red/Purple

WB-727 Plaid - Pastel

WB-728 Easter Egg

WB-729 "I Enjoy Being A Girl" - Black

WB-730 Rosebud - White Grd.

WB-731 Pucci Print - Blue/Green

WB-733 Baseball - Green

WB-734 Candy Cane - Green

WB-735 Candy Cane - Black

WB-736 Snowman - Royal Blue

WB-737 Ladybug - White

WB-738 Stars and Stripes - Red Stars on Navy

WB-739 Stars and Stripes - Navy Stars on Red

WB-740 Argyle - Navy/Red/White

WB-741 Argyle - Pink/Green/Yellow

WB-742 Floral - White

WB-743 Floral - Yellow

WB-744 Floral - Black

WB-745 Baseball - Stitch Your Team Color

WB-850 Gold Lattice - Gold/Black

WB-851 Cosmo - Black/Pink

WB-852 Margarita - Black/Green

WB-853 Gucci - Navy/Burgandy/Dark Green

WB-854 Paisley - Navy/Burgandy/Dark Green

WB-856 Lilly Paisley - Pink/Green/Aqua

WB-857 Blue and White Porcelian

WB-901 Royal Stewart Plaid

WB-902 American Flag - Red/White/Blue

WB-903 Sailboat - Navy/White/Red

WB-904 Palm Trees - Navy/Lime Green

WB-905 Palm Trees - Pink/Lime Green

WB-906 Whales - Navy/Lime Green

WB-907 Whales - Pink/Lime Green

WB-908 Provence Yellow Floral

WB-909 Bright Floral - Black

WB-101 Stripe - Red/Black/Yellow/Green

WB-102 Stripe - Red/Camel/Navy

WB-103 Stripe - Navy/Red/White

WB-104 Stripe - Navy/Red/Yellow

WB-105 Bee - Red

WB-106 Bee - Black

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